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Lifestyle Coaching Programme


CBT/Clin Hypnotherapy/NLP/Counselling for adults, teenagers and children

For a first session discount of 45% please quote QME2.

' Do you want to rust your life out, or wear it out?' - Anthony Robbins

If you feel you want or need to change your life or lifestyle then we have a team who will work with you for the next there to five years to help you create the changes you want. Sadly few of us make change naturally because most of us have to be forced to change and this is usually a result of illness, lack of money, circumstance or divorce!  The reason is because we often have too many changes to make at the same time so many of us just give up and just settle for our lot. Sometimes our past can make us settle for less, for second best in life, for mediocrity. There are many people out there who die at 23 years old, but it takes until they are 75 years old to get buried! 

Thats why we are here - we help you to identify and refine your choices, prepare for the positive potential changes and to take action on several fronts, ensuring it all stays together! 

How serious are you really about wanting to improve and develop aspects of your life right now today?  

Our lifestyle coaching team helps you to redesign, improve and change you and your :-

  • emotional, 
  • social - romantic, 
  • career, 
  • financial
  • and physical future. 

We'll also help you deal with your beliefs and identify areas which are maybe holding you back in aspects of your life, to help you create the stepping stones from maybe dealing with your issues around losing weight, improving your career chances or financial investments, relationships and taking ownership of your life for the future.  As you can imagine, this takes a lot of intensive discussion and support with our team and we often spend full 4-8 hours if necessary in one day to support people.  (we can provide accommodation details for those flying in for our intensive support)

We do this on a one to one totally

  • private and confidential basis
  • either face to face/ telephone or on-line.
  • With a wide range of experienced people in many fields from CBT/NLP/ Counselling/ nutrition, personal fitness, investment knowledge or therapists, to tap into as part of our team, you can think of us as your first stop lifestyle concierge service. 

Please note this is a highly valued service already and bookings are very limited. Our coaches only take on 2-3 clients in any month to ensure your investment in you is worth it for you. You will meet coaches who - you name it, have "been there and done that" and are still doing it!

For example, if you want the support of a relationship counsellor, a nutritionist and therapist to deal with that weight problem, the CBT support to deal with life's trauma and alongside guidance of a financial advisor, can help you and quite often far beyond just your problem.  

Monthly coaching sessions usually begin at a reasonable investment per session. We know this pricing only attracts those who are serious about welcoming change into their lives, so it is important you are sincerely honest with yourself prior to making the choice to contact us. Other services which may be of support to you, would be agreed on assessment and re-assessment and would be an additional cost to you as and only when you agree to use them. For example, your lifestyle management programme may need the added support of a nutritionist, fitness instructor, CBT therapist, to deal with limited beliefs and so on. 
    To book an informal confidential assessment session to see if you are ready for our support, please leave your first name, number and a message on our service at (0044)7938879180 in confidence. The assessment can be done in person or via email.