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What many do not know is when we are moving from one thought /feeling to the next thought/feeling, we are moving from one trance state to the next. To move from a destructive or negative state to a continuous positive state, you may first need to be brought from a negative state into "neutral" first, before moving to a positive state and creating change. And our unconscious mind is a bit like a "Donkey". You can't push a donkey, while continually having to pull one is strenuous, so you have to present it with something tantalising - like a carrot!!! Our minds work on the same "pleasure-pain" principle.  
Quite often the problem we have is actually only the symptom such as irrational thinking, self-medicating, addiction, emotional overeating/bingeing, smoking, anger or other symptoms which are too deep to mention here.  Allow us to be a part of your team to help this part of you first. The therapists at our centre are accredited and registered in the UK with a wide length and range of experience in helping people over these disorders.

As you deal with this you can then move onto our life-coaching to fill the vacuum left after sorting your problems. We also help to improve performance if you wish to become better at what you do.  

CBT Appointments can be made for evening or weekends and occasionally we offer group support. Intensive support is available over a weekend for those flying in for treatment from other parts of Ireland, UK and EU - when booked well in advance. Please note outside making initial arrangements for your session or power weekend, you will get direct access to our therapists, there is no middle administration.  Services are priced to suit whilst intensive one off weekend support will cost a little more.  

For those customers flying into Belfast /City of Derry/Dublin from the EU or UK, we can help arrange local accommodation booking or a list can be provided for local B&B to hotel standard. Average overnight room costs are £45 for B&B to £60+ for a hotel room (depending on season). - or you can stay and have your residential weekend at the lovely hotel at Ballyliffin Lodge Spa over the weekend in Donegal Ireland a few miles away from our rural retreat.

Our CBT/NLP/Hypnosis is a highly valued service - Please make an initial telephone call to Wil or  Brendan on (0044) 7938879180 - leave your name, number and a short message to talk to a therapist in confidence or email us at info@choicesnow.co.uk in total confidence.

We are sincerely looking forward to hearing from you over the coming weeks. 

Best regards from Brendan, John, Majella, Danny, Brian and Wil.