Anxious, obsessive,moody, feeling isolated, depressed, no self-confidence, poor self-image, altered self-image, self-medicating, angry, lost, preparing for that job interview, management job or just plain unhappy, stuck in a rut, in a toxic relationship, job or in circumstance you want or need to change - We are here for those who want to change right now. Think about those negative thoughts and destructive feelings you have and imagine feeling and  thinking this same way for the next 20 years!

Aside from degenerative illness, no matter which state or station you are at in your life at this minute, You can still make quality choices to have a better life if you really intend to make it so. We have people on our team who have done it and it can be replicated. You really can do it. This is not just therapy to get over an initial problem of irrational thinking, self-medicating, emotional eating or altered image, we do much more in helping you once again become the leader and manager of your life, in work or relationships that you choose;-  

There are specific areas in which we can support you:

  • Do you have a phobia, obsessive thinking, low mood, lacking in self confidence, low self-esteem or get anxious easily.
  • You may have an issue in a relationship which is very emotional, sexual or traumatic from the past  
  • Maybe you are a parent with teen problems  
  • Are you in what you think of as a dead end job or lifestyle with few prospects; believe me when I say we can help you turn this around for you.. 
  • Maybe you are in a relationship that has lost it's spark and drive - we can help you turn this around.
  • Or maybe you have a need for approval or lack confidence, get anxious or moody - we really can help you with this.
  • Maybe you are a business owner and it's all going in the wrong direction or you want to find more opportunities to expand into your sector - we can help you work through this and find the opportunity that is already there just by changing your paradigm

When you understand and change your thinking and paradigm you suddenly open up many more choices and options in life, love and work, especially when we use CBT, NLP and Hypnosis together.

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Our personal and corporate team is headed up by:

William Coyle
Msc. Bsc(Hons).PGDMS(MBA). PGDFHE. R.M.N, NLPCertMasterPractitioner.
Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy ABNLP. GHR. CPCAB. GHSC.

Wil has 32 years experience in the fields of Mental Health, Personal Development, Personal Leadership and Management and Business Growth, as well as past NHS employment using CBT/TA/NLP. He also writes motivational support books for teaching and nursing and holds an Associate Lectureship post with the North West Regional College of Further & Higher Education in Northern Ireland. He is also a published author.

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