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CBT/Clin Hypnotherapy/NLP/Counselling for adults, teenagers and children

NLP Practitioner Course

We run Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner courses      


Worth the time and investment to dramatically upskill and develop within your current role or change career path. This face to face course which meets the International Training Academy (ITANLP) standards founded by John Grinder, will take place from 9am-5pm over four weekends with an evaluation day for certification. If you work with people as a CEO/leader, manager, Coach, therapist, counsellor, team member in any field this course will be the start of the "difference that makes a difference" for your career, for you, your staff, colleagues, teams and family. On completion your certificate will include the signatures of John Grinder, Micheal Carroll & Carmen Bostic st Claire.

Further details are available in person via our contact form to arrange a phone call or email wil@choicesnow.co.uk .

Wil Coyle is a ITCANLP certified trainer (T1674) here in Ireland

For further information on our academy and on NLP please follow this link  https://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/what_is_nlp/